Sunday, March 6, 2011

Exploring caves in Puerto Rico

I'm posting this a little late but I've been so busy. We went exploring the caves in Camuy and it was amazing. For the most part the caves were cold but in this one area there was a hot spot. This was because of the bats that live there. Our tour guide was so funny too, he was telling the kids not to worry because the bats don't get caught in hair.
My husband and I had so much fun, although he really did not like the smell of the bats lol. The guide gave us headsets and a radio that gives you a little history of the caves.
The picture above is the begging of the caves and there is a rock on top that looks like one of the Taino indinans that inhabited the island thousands of years ago. For many of you that don't know Puerto Rico sits on the mouth of a volcano that has been dormant for millions of years. We were told that eventually because of the weather changes, Puerto Rico would eventually go back underwater. But that wont happen for millions of years later.

Finally we make it to the center of the caves where the sun light up the cave. The water that you see down bellow is the river of Camuy. When it rains for many days the river gets really high and when hurricane George came through the water rose up to 3 feet above where we were standing.....
In the video the water that you see falling is not rain, its the purest of water in the island. They call it the fountain of youth. You should have seen the older ladies hee they were like "hey let's get wet, maybe we will shave some years" lol. I did have a great time with my husband, finally time alone (well and a whole bunch of students) with the hubby.

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