Sunday, June 27, 2010

I just made a cool card!

I love how simple and cool it came out :)

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Supply Swap

So, today i when out to the mailbox to find out that the stuff I put there this morning was never sent out. Then, I remembered that I never put that red thingie up so that the mailman knows that there is mail going out. I didn't think it was such a big deal.... Well boy was I wrong now I have less days left on my due date of  July 5th. Hopping to get things don by then...

Friday, June 25, 2010

Congrats dare2bme71!!!

You may pick a prize from the previous post for becoming my first follower :]

New Charms added!!

My charms!

Here is a photo of all the charms I've made recently. I think they are so cute! They are mostly used for my mini albums, key chains, and such... If anyone is interested I will be willing to make some for sale just let me know what colors. All the funds go to fund my scrapbook supplies.. As I'm a stay at home mom lol.

I'm Back

So yes, i know, I haven't posted in a while but none looks at this anyway lol. There is still a mystery contest in my blog look long and hard. I'm sure that if you read all the posts you will most definitely find it. I'm still thinking about what the winner gets... I guess I can let them choose. I have pattern paper, card stock, die cuts, bling, foam stickers, regular stickers, pattern ribbon, buttons, eyelets, 12x12 scrapbook, hand made charms... I guess they can choose what they want.
So, back to the subject at hand... I will be posting soon some of my projects. I will be also making kits to make mini albums if anyone is interested... till next time!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

My first youtube video

Toilet Paper mini

I made this mini photo album for my daughter Exaiven. She is not even 2yrs old yet, but I hope that when she gets older she would really like it. It was made with the intentions that she cold see the happiness we share now, and even when she is older and don't remember those times she can have a memory book as a reminder. Surely when I'm gone she can remember that her mother loved her, and instead of being sad she can be full of peace when she looks at this. 

I used a total of 7 toiled rolls, white acrylic paint from Apple Barrel, a regular hole punch (because I don't have the fancy Crop-A-Dile, Aleen's original tacky glue, round corner punch, assorted ribbons, assorted stamps, DCWV Nana's kids patterned paper, letter stickers, 2 loose binder rings. All these materials can be found at Walmart and Target for less than $2, except the paper, that I got at Joann's for $7 on sale. 


1. I first started by flattening the rolls, then I glued then I painted them white so that the rolls can have a blank canvas to work with (paint the inside if you want as well I did!) You may want to paint them a different color depending on the type of paper you are using. 
2. For the front and back cover, I put glue on the flattened roll. Then placed the roll at the edge of the pattern paper so that there would be less scraps. Now just trim the edges and repeat in the other side. 
3. Make the holes for the binding before you place the paper if you are using a regular hole punch. Then put the first cover, punch. Then the second cover and punch again. Now, if you have the crop-a-dile then it does not matter. 
4. For the pages I cut out the paper so that there would be 1/8" border showing the paint. The paper was glued using a even coat of tacky glue (to make it even just spread it with your fingers or if you don't want to get messy use a butter knife it works well too). 
5. For the tags I measured the inside and just used scissors to make a pattern in the border the tied it with ribbon. 
6. Embellish to your liking. 
7. put all the pages through the rings and tie ribbons to the rings to mask the metal if you like (if you do not have binder rings, you can just tie it with ribbon it looks just as pretty!) 
8. Enjoy 


This project can be time consuming and if you are like me with kids the only time i get is at night that is when my crafty side comes out. Remember to always get some sleep and have a full tummy. When you do this your creativeness will flow much better. 

I just found another cool contest!

Here is the link contest. All you have to do is guess how many brads and eyelets are in the box :]

Mini Toilet Paper Roll Contest!! Ends June 30th, 2010

I just found this great contest... Its open to anyone that wants to enter. But, hurry it ends June 30th!

Here are the details:

Toilet Roll Mini Scrapbook Contest

Contest Ends 30 June, 2010.
Enter your upcycled toilet paper roll craft project for a chance to win one of our cool prizes.
First prize is a $50 gift voucher from the online scrapbooking store of your choice.
Second prize is a $20 gift voucher from the online scrapbooking store of your choice.
Random Draw Prize: For entries to win the random draw prize package filled with 3 mini albums, a chipboard alphabet, chipboard frames and canvas art pad, you can do the following

Random Draw Prize
Make a fun and easy mini album or craft project from your old rolls and you will not only be making a fabulous keepsake but you will also be doing something great for our planet by recycling. And if that is not enough you will also be eligible to win a cool prize for your efforts.
We encourage all levels of experience to join in the fun and create something fantastic. One of the easiest entry is to make a mini album. We have a toilet tissue roll tutorialthat you can follow if you need some assistance to get you started.  You might like to try making recipe books, mini photo books, tutorials, altered children's books, a themed mini book, teachers gifts, altered rolls.
If you're not sure if your labor of love qualifies as a mini album, drop me a line beforehand and I will let you know. You can take a look at the current entries below for some idea of what will qualify.

What you need to know

This competition is open to anyone anywhere and it ends June 30th 2010.
Each entry must be your own piece of work handmade by you.
There will be a maximum of two entries per person and each entry must include photos or scans of your mini (no greater than 100k in size please)  Your mini will remain on to inspire future visitors.
Entries will be judged on all round visual appeal and creativity.

Follow this link to the contest Contest page

Saturday, June 19, 2010

New Tool for me!!!

So today I got my first embossing machine. First trial..... well, lets just say is not that horrible lol. I love this machine and what it can do! I'm in it now to stay. I have spent so much money on scrapbooking supplies that if my husband knew he would kill me(not literally of course)... But, its an addiction I cant control. Better keep my self busy with this hobby than to be at home bored... The only thing is that I only get to do it at night when the kiddies are asleep. Just like any other mom out there. Well I'm finishing some projects hopefully there is at least someone reading this so that you get to enjoy the pics. I know that the first person to post comments in my blog will get something good :). Good luck... More to come soon.

Friday, June 18, 2010

New Tool for me!!!

OMG I just got back from Michaels and I finally got a Crop-A-Dile Big bite. From what my sister tells me, its an amazing tool to have. The store sells it for $39.99. Luckily, I found a Michaels coupon for 50% off and I ended getting it for $20. I'm so happy, no more trying to cut holes with a knife for me :]. Here is the link it expires tomorrow Sat June 19th, 2010. Coupon here!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

My first post! Yay

At the current moment I'm trying to figure out how to work this blog thing.. I have never blogged in my life! So I guess I can tell you a little bit about myself. My name is linette I'm 22 yrs old, married, and have 2 beautiful children. My oldest a girl(she will be 2 soon) Exaiven, and my youngest, a boy Xanatos. I'm currently a stay at home mom and would not have it any other way! I'm also working on my Bachelor's in Education. Currently I'm living in the lightning capital of the world (Florida aka the retirement state lol). I love to do crafts and scrapbooking with recycled materials. Green, green, green! Its also my favorite color and birthstone.