Monday, May 9, 2011

These are my pink stamper entries I only have 5

Challenge #1 - Anything Cupcake!!!
This is a very cute card. I like how it came out. That cupcake charm you see i made it from polymer clay.

Challenge #2--Make a card or scrapbook page using Kraft cardstock. 

The bacon is a SVG file from lettering delights.

Challenge #3--Make a card, scrapbook page, or 3-D item with a breast cancer theme.  You can use a ribbon, make it pink, whatever you'd like.
This photo is from the cancer 60 mile 3 day walk.

Challenge #4:  Make something with a Mother's Day Theme!

This was for my husband's grandmother

Challenge #5- Any 3-D item OR if that is too much of a challenge then add a 3-D item on your scrapbook page or card!

Polymer clay art counts? right?? I made a strawberry pop-tart charm and those in the background are going to be turned into earings :)

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  1. Wonderful fave is the bacon and eggs! LOL :)